• Ten Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry on Craigslist


    Craigslist can be a great option for selling your gold jewelry. It’s free, and you can reach a lot of interested jewelry buyers quickly. However, there are several things you should know before attempting to sell gold jewelry on craigslist.


    First, we’ll cover a few basics. Posting anything for sale on craigslist is pretty simple. Just go to www.craigslist.org and make sure to find the correct country/state/city where you’d like to advertise. Near the upper left of the webpage, there is a link to “post to classifieds.” Click there, and proceed through the menus, selecting the correct category of your item and following the instructions.


    Tip #1: Always post pictures if you can. Products with pictures sell faster. If you don’t own a digital camera, find a friend that does and borrow it. If you are selling anything of value, especially gold and gemstone jewelry, potential buyers will need to see pictures. Even beyond showing a buyer what the product looks like, decent pictures show that you are serious about selling your jewelry and care enough about it to take the time to do it right.


    Tip #2: If you had your jewelry appraised, include a photo of the appraisal receipt in the craigslist posting. This helps assure buyers the jewelry is worth what you claim it is worth.


    Tip #3: Mention whether or not the price is negotiable. If you don’t include this, you will scare away some potential buyers that either think your initial price is too high, or they will try to haggle when you are firm on the price, and they will end up disappointed and not very likely to buy.


    Tip #4: Be careful about posting personal information in your post. If you are selling a highly valuable pice of jewelry, do not put your address in the post since it will tell would-be thieves where their next target could be.


    Tip #5: Finish the sale in person if possible. This ensures that you will receive cash for your gold jewelry. If the buyer wants to pay with a check, don’t hesitate to tell them to go to a bank to cash it first. Meeting in person also guarantees that the person can’t later claim that they never received the jewelry.


    Tip #6: If you are selling a valuable piece of jewelry, it never hurts to bring a friend along to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of. Consider arranging the meeting in a public place so the buyer won’t know where you live.


    Tip #7: If you must complete the sale long distance, make sure you receive payment before shipping anything. Also, when you do ship, spend the extra few dollars for shipping insurance and certified receipt, so the buyer has to sign for the shipment. This gives you guaranteed proof that the sale was completed and the buyer received the shipment. If the buyer later claims that the piece was damaged, they will be on very shaky legal footing since they signed and acknowledged receipt of the jewelry.


    Tip #8: If you’re selling an especially rare piece of gold jewelry or just want to sell it quickly, you might want to post on a few of the nearby large cities. However, you won’t just be able to copy/paste your other ad. Craigslist checks for identical postings so you’ll have to change some of the wording. Also, be up front about whether you’re from the actual city you’re posting in and whether or not special arrangements will have to be made to complete the sale.


    Tip #9: As always, when dealing on craiglist, be careful about e-mail spammers and shady, fraudulent links sent to you via e-mail. Never give any personal data to any link from a craigslist reply. In fact, if a reply has any type of link, it is usually a scam.


    Tip #10: Posting will usually expire within a week. Keep a copy of your post on your computer so you can easily repost it when the time is right.


    Remember, you also have other options. Craigslist can be free and fun if you do it correctly and carefully. However, there are other, easier options (though not necessarily free). Many people prefer Ebay for online selling and local jewelry stores can give you good prices for your gold jewelry.