• Rhodium Plating :: What Is It And How Do I Care For It?


    Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family. Electroplating with rhodium is often used on jewelry, especially white gold jewelry, to give a durable finish that resists tarnish and scratches. Rhodium plating also gives a beautiful shiny white finish to the jewelry.


    White gold is actually a mixture of several different metals, including regular yellow gold, nickel, and usually palladium or some other member of the platinum family. Without rhodium plating, white gold has a yellowish appearance. To finish white gold, rhodium plating is applied giving it that desirable shiny white appearance.
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    Depending on how often you wear your jewelry, the rhodium plating will eventually wear off. You’ll be able to tell when this happens by looking carefully at your piece of jewelry. The yellowish color of the gold underneath will begin to show through, often on hard edges or corners of the piece.


    It is a simple process for most jewelers to replate jewelry. Just bring it to your favorite jeweler and they should be able to restore your jewelry for a fair price.


    Be careful of replating jewelry that has noticeable scratches or dents. A new finish of rhodium can make these imperfections more noticeable! Your jeweler should clean and polish your jewelry before restoring the rhodium plating. If you are aware of imperfections in your piece, be sure to point them out to the jeweler, and ask them how they are going to take care of them prior to replating.