• Is My Jewelry Fake? :: How to Spot Fake Gold Jewelry the Easy Way


    So you’re wondering if your gold jewelry is fake. This guide will tell you exactly how to identify fake gold jewelry.


    There are several methods you can use to determine real gold from fake. None are foolproof on their own, so the more of these methods you try the more certain you can be.


    Method #1: Use a magnet
    Real gold is not magnetic. If you feel your gold jewelry being attracted to the magnet, it’s most likely fake. However, make sure you’re not using the magnet near clasps or parts which may legitimately contain other metals.


    Note: Fake gold jewelry can still be non-magnetic if the other materials used are non-magnetic


    Method #2: Looks for a maker’s mark or gold stamp.
    Real gold jewelry should have some sort of stamp on it to determine what karat the gold is. This could be something like “14K”, “18 kt”, or “990”. Many pieces will also include a custom stamp or emblem that is unique to the manufacturer. If you need help figuring out what the stamp on your jewelry means, check this article. If you look everywhere on your jewelry and cannot find any stamp, there’a good chance it’s fake. If it’s a very old piece, it could also be possible the mark has worn off with wear.


    Method #3: Look for discoloration on the edges
    Jewelry tends to encounter the most friction and wear along the edges. The daily wear and tear will eventually rub off some of the outer coating. If your gold jewelry is showing a different color underneath these worn areas, it is probably gold plated with a different, non-precious metal underneath.


    Method #4: Look for rust
    Real gold will not rust. If you find rust, the jewelry is not real gold. Make sure to give the piece a good polishing before making this determination, so you don’t incorrectly identify dirt or grime as rust.


    Method #5: Take it to a trusted, reputable jeweler
    If you mention that you might be interested in selling your jewelry, most jewelers and pawn shops will tell you for free whether or not your jewelry is real gold. Just make sure that the person isn’t lying. Remember it would be in their best interest to lead you to believe your piece is fake so they could offer you less money for it. If you’re unsure after the first place, take it to another one.


    If you find out your gold jewelry is real, you can easily figure out how much it is worth.