• Gold Stamps :: True Value of a Gold Stamp


    What are gold stamps value?

    In terms of the amount of gold weight used in 24k gold stamps, there is generally not much at all. Gold stamps are thin and don’t weigh much at all. It would take quite a few of them to amount to enough weight to be worth melting down. Many don’t even contain real gold, and those that do are usually just covered in gold foil that is so thin it would take hundreds to get any worthwhile amount of pure gold out of them.


    But gold stamps are popular among collectors, right?

    Unfortunately they generally are not. Gold stamps are not issued by the US government, so they are usually not limited edition as more can be produced any time. They are mass produced by private companies as replicas of collectible or rare stamps, but since they are replicas, they are not worth much beyond their novelty value. Even avid stamp collectors tend to not be very interested in them.


    The bottom line is that your gold stamp collection is beautiful, but not very valuable. If you like the look, consider holding on to them or giving them away as novelty gifts to friends and family.