• What is Rhodium Jewelry


    Rhodium is a pure element that is very white and shiny and used to plate high end jewelry.


    What is Rhodium Plated?

    It is often used to plate jewelry to provide a protective layer that is also highly reflective. This plating is put on top of all kinds of base metals like silver, platinum, nickel, and white gold. Other items can be rhoodium plated as well for luxury (pens, canes) or for useful purpose (catalytic converters).


    Rhodium Price

    Rhodium is one the most expensive precious metal in the world. Rhodium is about 6-10 times more expensive than gold. Only high end, expensive jewelry is generally plated with rhodium.


    Rhodium Plating

    Electroplating is used to apply a very thin layer of rhodium to jewelry. On jewelry that is worn often, the thin layer of rhodium plating can wear off in only a few months, but well maintained pieces can last for years. You can clean rhodium plated jewelry with some mild shampoo and water. Never use harsh chemicals to wash your rhodium plated jewelry.