• 6 Ways to Clean Gold Jewelry Safely


    Cleaning My Gold Ring

    Your gold jewelry is a prized possession and whether you are selling it or wearing it, you want it to look as bright and fresh as the day you bought it.


    Gold doesn’t tarnish easily but oils, dirt, and lotions can all leave their mark on your glimmering gold. Fear not, this build up can be easily cleaned from your jewelry using one of these easy methods.


    Listed below are all acceptable methods of cleaning gold jewelry. Read them carefully because some ways can be better than others for certain types of jewelry. Also, remember that the safest way to get your jewelry clean is to bring it to a professional. However, with proper care and knowledge you can do a very good job on your own at home.


    Soap and Water
    Dish soap and warm water actually works pretty well for cleaning your gold jewelry. Fill up a bowl with some soapy solution and let your jewelry soak for 15 minutes. Then use a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush your jewelry clean. Use light pressure otherwise your jewelry could be scratched. Rinse your jewelry and then dry it.


    Gold Jewelry With Gemstones
    Dampen a soft fiber cloth with some soapy water. Wipe the jewelry and rinse it with a wet towel. Leave the jewelry upside down over a dry towel so the moisture doesn’t drain into the gemstones’ settings.


    Use some toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away dirt and oil. You can also use toothpaste on a soft cloth in a similar fashion. Scrub gently and don’t use this method too often since toothpaste does have mild abrasive that can slightly dull a mirror smooth finish.


    Boiling Water
    As long as you completely submerge your jewelry in boiling water, no harm will come to it. This is a good method for cleaning grease, oil, and wax. Just take care when removing your jewelry from the boiling water, try not to scratch the jewelry or burn yourself.


    Only use this method every so often. It is very effective, but it can cause your gold jewelry to become damaged if done too often. Mix a bowl of solution (1 part ammonia to 6 parts water). Soak your gold jewelry for less than 1 minute. Rinse with water and dry.


    Alcohol works great for cleaning gold jewelry. The only catch to this method is that if you have gemstones held in place with glue, the alcohol will eat the glue away so don’t use alcohol to clean your jewelry if this is the case.


    Final Word
    Always take care and wash your gold jewelry gently. It also helps to store it properly with cloth dividers or separate bags for each piece so the jewelry pieces do not rub and scratch each other. Also, be very careful around gemstone settings and other fragile parts of your jewelry as they can easily bend or break. You do not want to be looking through your carpet for your lost diamond.


    And remember, when in doubt, bring your gold jewelry to a professional. If they damage it, it’s their fault.


    Please post a comment if you have any questions on any of these methods. Thanks!

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